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Main specs overview

  • Model name
  • BABUIN 450
  • Category
  • Traction force
  • 200
  • Max speed m/min
  • 38
  • Max working depth
  • 500
  • Weight
  • 25

More details


BABUIN 450 is a machine created for soil stabilization utilizing the lime-cement system. It is completely hydraulic and avails itself to the patented MAIT Floating System (MFS) which allows the milling cutter to completely and automatically lift itself on three working planes without the assistance of costly and delicate electronic equipment. Such system is particularly suitable for the stabilization of zones that are not perfectly flat, for example in the presence of gutters and humps, like in country roads. The hourly productivity is highly elevated, thanks to a system that automatically adjusts the advancement velocity, and therefore also the work, to the resistance of the soil to be treated, without stressing the operator, and maintaining the load of the thermal engine to an optimal operation. The cabin is pressurized and soundproofed, with a rotating and sliding seat that allows the largest visibility for working.
The particularly contained dimensions, in spite of a cutting width of approx. 2.2 m, permit impossible works for larger machines.
Furthermore the sturdy crawler tracks, make the machine float avoiding the typical sinking of the rubber rotors, facilitating the following rolling operations, other than having a practically unlimited duration and moreover permitting it to pirouette advancing with one and simultaneously stopping with the other, in fact, bringing the minimum range of swerving to zero.

Technical data

type Caterpillar 328 KW @ 1.900 rpm 443 HP @ 1,900 rpm
type Mercedes 335 KW @ 1.800 rpm 450 HP @ 1,800 rpm

7.200 mm

23.6 ft

width 2.550 mm 8.4 ft
height 3.250 mm 10.6 ft
operating weight 25 ton 55,100 lbs
fuel tank 600 lit 158.4 gal
hydraulic oil tank 600 lit 158.4 gal
shoes 600 mm 23.6 in
tread 2.500 mm 8.2 ft
max traction force 200 KN 44,080 lbs
max speed 38 m/min 124,6 ft/min
working width 2.000 mm 6.5 ft
max working depth 500 mm 19.7 in
rotor diameter with tools 1.500 mm 5 ft
rotation speed 0 - 120 rpm
number of cutting tools 176

Working characteristics

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