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Main specs overview

  • Model name
  • HR 420-800 THH
  • Category
  • Max hammer weight
  • 22,5
  • Max pile length
  • 24
  • Max pile weight
  • 9
  • Weight
  • 135

More details


The  HR 420-800 is our largest model, which has been specially designed and built for carrying out works requiring large bore diameters at great depths. 
This one of a kind drilling rig can be equipped with different rotarys with different torque values depending on your job requirements. The rotary can also be set up with the MCS (MAIT Casing System) or torque multiplier which can exert  a maximum nominal torque of 800 KNm for insertion and extraction on the casing tubes up to a maximum diameter of 3000 mm . 
The HR 420-800 is not limited to the conventional kelly bar drilling system, but it is able to utilize  Casing Oscillators, Continuous Flight Auger (CFA), Diaphragm Walls by kelly bar system, and Driven piles with hydraulic hammers.  The HR 420-800 is also available with a crowd winch system (THD), which allows a longer stroke along the length of the mast, therefore longer casing sections may be used when drilling.

Technical data

1st winch nominal publlback 300 KN 67,443 lbs
2nd winch nominal pulldown 120 - 200 KN 27,000 - 45,000 lbs
model C15
 power 403 KW @ 2.100 rpm 540 HP @ 2,100 rpm
hydraulic system
hydraulic oil tank 1.000 lit 264 gal
fuel tank 600 lit 159 gal
length 6.400 mm 21 ft
width 3.500 - 5.100 mm 11.5 - 17 ft
shoes 1.000 mm 3.3 ft
approx. weight 135 ton 297,700 lbs

Working characteristics

Works with Hydraulic Hammer
Hydraulic hammer types with ram up to 14 ton
Max hammer weight 22.500 kg 49,590 lbs
Max pile length 24 m 78.7 ft
Max pile weight 9.000 kg 19,836 lbs

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