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Main specs overview

  • Model name
  • CRANE 20
  • Category
  • Max lifting load
  • 22.5
  • Max lattice boom height
  • 21.450
  • Max-min working angle
  • 83° - 15°
  • Weight
  • 22

More details


MAIT has developed a line of HYDRAULIC CRAWLER CRANES with lattice boom, for all type of applications. The cranes are very suitable to be used in construction jobsites, due to their crawler base; a typical utilization is in foundation works, for lowering reinforcement cages, concrete pipes, etc..
Various lattice booms lengths are available for each crane model.
All the cranes are mounted on Caterpillar excavators.
The hydraulic system of the cranes can be utilized not only for the standard crane’s lifting function, but also for mounting hydraulic accessories like grabs, vibrators, etc..
Great care and sturdiness characterize the crane’s most important components, including winches and booms, which are directly designed and manufactured by MAIT.
The crane attachment’s coupling system with the excavator base is patented by MAIT.

Technical data

base aparatus
CAT 315
type 3054E
power 83 KW 111 HP
1st winch
rope diameter 20 mm 0.79 in
pullback 7.200 kg 15,870 lbs
3 tackles lines pullback 20.000 kg 44,480 lbs
2nd winch
rope diameter 20 mm 0.79 in
pullback 7.200 kg 15,870 lbs
length 4.180 mm 14 ft
width 3.600 mm 12 ft
shoes 600 mm 2 ft
lattice boom
section 700 mm 2.3 ft
total length Max 21.000 mm 69 ft
total length min 9.000 mm 29.5 ft
max working angle 83°
min working angle 15°
approx weight 26 ton 57,310 lbs
weight during transport (w/o counterweight and boom) 21,5 ton 47,400 lbs

Working characteristics

Lifting and handling
Max lifting load 20.000 kg 44,480 lbs
Max lattice boom height 21.450 mm 70 ft
Upper structure rotation speed 2,5 rpm

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