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CFA » CFA 34/36

Main specs overview

  • Model name
  • CFA 34/36
  • Category
  • CFA
  • Max Torque
  • 300
  • Max Diameter
  • 1.200
  • Max Depth
  • 31 + 3 * with sliding shaft
  • Weight
  • 130

More details


MAIT CFA 34/36 has been designed to operate with continuous auger, it is particularly compact and with a rather reduced weight. It is equipped with a telescopic mast which allows to reach a depth of 34 m (with sliding shaft) with 1.200 mm diameter. Thanks to this it is not necessary to mount additional counterweights which would only increase the weight of the machine. The cabin is equipped with a last generation touch screen computer for monitoring, managing and registration of the working parameters. The machine can be transported fully assembled and does not need the any auxiliary cranes or other lifting devices during the assembly. The above described characteristics make CFA 34/36 versatile and suitable for any kind of job and for any type of the job-site.

Technical data

Working characteristics

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