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Main specs overview

  • Model name
  • THH 6
  • Category
  • Max hammer weight
  • 10,5
  • Max pile length
  • 16
  • Max pile weight
  • 4
  • Weight
  • 45 - 50

More details


The THH6 was specially designed for driven piles works with hydraulic hammers. The considerable length of the mast allows a stroke suitable for installing driven piles up to a depth of 16 m (52.5 ft).
MAIT provides a full range of hydraulic hammers, optimizing weight, dimensions and energy output in order to obtain one of the most compact and efficient equipment on the market. The THH6 is suitable for utilizing 3 to 7 tons ram weight hydraulic hammer category.
The THH6 rig is suitable for the following applications
- Driven piles;
- Continuous Flight Auger;
- Bored piles;
- Works with hydraulic vibrator.
The THH6 is equipped with a specially designed horizontal sliding mast which enables the operator to center the pile with 1 m (3.3 ft) stroke allowing high precision in hole set-up operations. Piles can be driven vertically as well as inclined, depending upon pile and hammer characteristics. The rig’s crawler undercarriage is particularly large and stable and provides maximum safety conditions for the operator.
The THH6 is a very versatile multipurpose drilling rig, which is easy to operate, maintain and to transport. Another great feature of the THH6 is that it does not require disassembling for transporting from job to job, due to the hydraulic expandable tracks and folding mast features.

Technical data

1st winch nominal publlback 140 KN 31,500 lbs
2nd winch nominal pulldown 120 KN 27,000 lbs
power 186 KW @ 2.100 rpm 250 HP @ 2,100 rpm
hydraulic system
hydraulic oil tank 470 lit 124 gal
fuel tank 200 lit 52.8 gal
length 4.900 mm 16 ft
width 3.000 - 4.300 mm 10 - 14 ft
shoes 800 mm 2.6 ft
approx. weight 45 - 50 ton 98,180 - 110,200 lbs

Working characteristics

Works with Hydraulic Hammer
Hydraulic hammer types with ram up to 7 ton
Max hammer weight 10.500 kg 23,142 lbs
Max pile length 16 m 52.5 ft
Max pile weight 4.000 kg 8,815 lbs

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