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Main specs overview

  • Model name
  • THH 9
  • Category
  • Max hammer weight
  • 14,5
  • Max pile length
  • 16
  • Max pile weight
  • 8
  • Weight
  • 75

More details


The THH9 is the latest driven pile rig created by MAIT to drive pre-cast square concrete piles, cased piles, H-beams piles, etc.. This machine offers unmatched stability for driving piles in the most difficult working conditions.
The THH9 has been specifically designed to mount MAIT hydraulic hammers (from 3 to 9 tons) as well as from other manufacturers upon request.
Another special feature of the THH9, is that the mast is equipped with a telescopic boom that simplifies the centering of the pile by extending the mast horizontally outwards to 1.000 mm (3.3 ft). Piles can be driven vertically as well as inclined, depending upon pile and hammer characteristics.
Thanks to the ability of THH9 crawler cylinder’s stroke, the expandable crawler undercarriage offers enormous advantages for transport and stability during the work phase because of the great range of its dimensions from 3.000 to 4.500 mm (10 - 15 ft).

Technical data

1st winch nominal publlback 240 KN 54,000 lbs
2nd winch nominal pulldown 120 KN 27,000 lbs
 power 242 KW @ 2.100 rpm 325 HP @ 2,100 rpm
hydraulic system
hydraulic oil tank 800 lit 211 gal
fuel tank 430 lit 114 gal
length 5.900 mm 19.3 ft
width 3.000 - 4.500 mm 9.5 - 15 ft
shoes 900 mm 3 ft
approx. weight 75 ton 165,300 lbs

Working characteristics

Works with Hydraulic Hammer
Hydraulic hammer types with ram up to 9 ton
Max hammer weight 14.500 kg 31,958 lbs
Max pile length 16 m 52.5 ft
Max pile weight 8.000 kg 17,632 lbs

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